Here We Go! Digital Communications


What is digital media? Digital media are anything that is on the computer that can be view by other people. You are using digital media right now to read my blog. Some other examples are other websites like Facebook and YouTube.
Digital communication is when you communicate through a computer. Examples would be cell phones, e-mails, and apps.

For the Internet to work, you need to have a hardware, and it is made up of a router, server, and other elements. It also has to have another component called the protocols. Without protocols, a computer cannot be read through other devices. All of these have to be connected for the Internet to work.
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The poster of "The Interview"

The poster of “The Interview”

Recently, Sony was hacked by North Korea to not show the upcoming movie at the time, “The Interview,” which is about killing the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. North Korea told Sony that if they release the movie, then a war would happen. Because of this, the movie was cancelled in addition to the DVDs.
In the world of digital communication, people are able to post anything on the Internet for other people to see, and sometimes it’s not a good thing. People are able to post music on YouTube illegally, download movies illegally, and so on. When will this stop? It’s possible that someone might actually get a copy of “The Interview” somehow and post it online. Also, that might cause a problem then. I think as long as we have the Internet, this problem of digital communication won’t stop.
I chose this topic because it was interesting that the U.S. made this movie. Why did they make it? Didn’t they think that North Korea would be against it? It is scary to think that North Korea could have attacked us. Since the hack occurred, the U.S. decided to show the movie in particular theaters but not throughout the country. In contrast, I think this occurrence made a big advertisement: more people became interested in watching this movie. In addition, I think the U.S. learned a lesson to never do these kind of things again.

North Koreans Want to Watch ‘The Interview’; Government Freaking Out
North Korea to U.S.: Show evidence we hacked Sony
North Korea lambasts the U.S. over ‘The Interview,’ says Obama is the ‘culprit’

Discussion Questions:
-What do you think about the creation of the movie, “The Interview?” Do you think what North Korea did was the right answer to this occurrence?
-How would you feel if a country made a movie about assassinating Obama?


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