Google and Our Brain


I get on Google at least once a day.

Google’s mission statement is this: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible.”

Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr gave us a new perspective into looking at Google the way we never did.

From my last blog post, digital media are anything that is on the computer that can be viewed by other people. People can also post anything on the Internet for the world to see.

Like in the article, the Internet is making us harder to read long passages. Some people have trouble reading a book. Because I can look up my answers to what I am looking for in Google, it makes me sigh when I actually have to read long texts.

The article said, ” Google understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.” I believe that in some cases, maybe most, this is a great invention to try to create a “perfect search engine.” I love that I can get the answer I want in no time. On the other hand, I may think that maybe finding information through books in the library is more affecting than finding the right answer quickly through Google. One might get nothing out of it if one just Googles the answer. In the younger generation, their world is surrounded by digital media, just like ours. However, I think that for young people, they need to learn things the old way: learn how to find information in the library before using Google. I think that they should understand how to look things up manually before using a computer.

on the internetPeople get on the Internet all the time; it has become our daily use. Our daily use of the Internet has increased as the time passed since the technology is upgrading.
The Internet lets us do anything, such as journalism, entertainment, literacy, and capitalism. Digital media made our lives much easier because we can do anything with just one device. We can even talk to people around the world. For example, people can look at other people’s blogs to find out what kind of restaurant they should go and the true opinions about it from the blogger. Another example would be that you can get your name out in the world by publishing your own work on the Internet and get sponsors.

Overall, even though there is a downside to Google, I believe that people should still use it —just don’t take it for granted. Know the consequences and how important Google really is in prior to using it.

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Discussion Questions:
-Do you think we depend on Google/the Internet that we are becoming stupid?
-Should the younger generation be using Google to do an assignment for school? Or should they do it the old way, find sources from the library?


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