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Rettburg compared blogs with an old tradition of printing and how the Internet connects us all with information in one chapter called “From Bards to Blogs” and another one called, “Blogs, Communities & Networks.”

In the past, there were no computers. We depended our information through orally and literacy. With the creation of printing press, books, magazines, and newspapers were created.
However, with the invention of technology and advanced technology we have today, people also depend their information through the Web. The article said, “most books and written materials only existed in a limited number of copies.” With technology, anyone can access to the Web and get information that they wanted as long as they have access to it. The advantage of having computers is that there is no limit.

Plato had an objection to writing: it destroys people’s memories. “People won’t bother to memorize facts, speeches or stories if they can easily access them in writing,” he said. I agree with him completely on this one. For examples, we have come up with many devices that make our lives easier: smartphones, GPS, laptops, tablets, and so on. giphy (2)I remember talking to my dad one day. We were talking about a GPS and how we do not get lost anymore because of it. It tells you how to get to places we want in few seconds if we just type in the address or a name of a specific store. We do not have to hold a map in our hands and look up directions. At the same time, my dad and I were talking about how we cannot go anywhere without one anymore, and how it affected us. Having a GPS, we do not even try to memorize road names and the directions of where we are going anymore. I think this is a perfect example of what Plato was talking about.

Although print has changed our lives, there are some disadvantages. We can’t fix mistakes once it is printed, there are limited number of readers, or “any error was replicated in all the copies,” said the author of the article.


However, with blogs, it can be edited, make corrections, or even ask questions about a text or to a blogger. Blogs could do things that print could not. In addition, because blogs are on the Internet, anyone can read them or even no one can. Blogs are a great way of dissemination. With blogs, the information can be disseminated throughout the world to anyone, as long as they have access to the Internet. In contrast, because anyone on the Internet can read a blog, we can’t control who is reading it; therefore, “it changes the way we write.”

We have many strong ties, which are people who you talk to in your daily life; however, to get new information, weak ties play very important rolls. Weak ties are the numbers of your network and these are the people you do not know or people you do not really talk to usually. In strong ties, you know what your friends have been up to, what they are like, and so on that you don’t get anything new out of them. However, with weak ties, you can always get new information because you are finding things out from strangers or people you don’t usually associate with. They know something that your friends don’t know about.
I think the Internet lets us tie ourselves into weak ties because we can get many new information. It’s better to sometimes step out of your comfort zone.

Overall, I think the creation of blogs has changed our lives in a good way mostly. There is no need to print, which saves money and tree; anyone can publish one and anyone can read one. Like what the article said, “blogs and other media are ways of communication.”

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Discussion Questions:
-Plato said that writing destroys our memories. What do you think we can do to prevent that, even having the advanced technology we have today?
-Anyone can write anything on the Internet for anyone to see. Is that a good thing? What if someone writes bad things on there? What can we say about cyber bullying?


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