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A chapter called, “Digital Media Versus Analog Media,” talked about many good points about the Web, and taught me how to make my blog eye-catching.

Like what the chapter said, a Web content can be edited anytime and is quick unlike publishing a book. One of the great things about the Web is that you can go back to your post or whatever you published online and fix the mistake if you made one, add more things, delete the context, and so on if you want to. happy-people-around-the-computer
At the same time, the Web is a lot cheaper than publishing a book because it doesn’t cost anything to publish something online as long as you have a computer and access to the Internet. You don’t need to kill trees or pay money to publish.

Moreover, the chapter talked about credibility: “source credibility has become an even bigger issue on the Web than it is in the other media.” I agree with this statement. Because anyone can publish online, there are some sites that do not have the correct information; some sites are fake and unbelievable. Sites that have many links connected to another site that is credible is taken as credible sites. In order to make a site credible, you would want to have work cited or hyperlinks.

People_On_Their_Phones_WideRight in the middle of the chapter, it said, “the Internet/computer have affected human communication.” Technology and digital devices have really changed the way we communicate with someone. Some of the things that should be said face-to-face is done through texting or instant messaging. Furthermore, I see many people looking down at their phone while walking. What happened to the time where we used to talk by looking at someone’s eyes?

In contrast, because of the Internet, people can talk to other people around the world. For example, I have a family group chat that I keep up with every day, and my grandma is in it. I can talk to my family who are in Japan any time I want to. I couldn’t have done this if we didn’t have the Internet; texting_square-460x412-e1375298184445in this case, I am very thankful for it. Years ago, technology was not this advanced so I couldn’t talk to my family whenever I wanted to. Even when I did, it would be through the phone, which was expensive: maybe like 10 cents per minute. Now I can talk to them all the time and for free.

I would like to end this post with a quote by Joseph Gordon-Levitt:
“Media used to be one way. Everyone else in the world just had to listen. Now the Internet is allowing what used to be a monologue to become a dialogue. I think that’s healthy.”

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Discussion Questions:
-Wikipedia always comes to the top when we search something on the Web. It has many hyperlinks but anyone can edit Wikipedia. Do you think it is still credible?
-The three second rule. What does it say about us? Did we change our personality that we became more inpatient than we used to be?

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