Blogging Business


In the chapter called “Blogging Brands,” Rettberg focused on using blogs as a way to make money and how big companies use blogs.

With technology being a part of our lives, many people are bloggers. Some bloggers are doing it just as a hobby, whereas some bloggers do it to make some money. Even “businesses use blogs in their marketing, as a way of improving customer relations and establishing a popular presence on the Web, or as a way of getting attention,” the author stated.

In addition, businesses blog for themselves to see what people are saying about their products sometimes. They would look at what other people are saying about them and if it’s something bad, then they can jump in on the conversation and let them know that they are reading what the bloggers have commented. This will make the bloggers more respective towards the product, fix any false information that bloggers might have, and businesses can listen to the true feelings of the customers.

However, some bloggers are paid to write a post on a business’ product. In the chapter, it once talked about how Molly E. Holzchlag, one of the Marqui bloggers, thought about when she did this: “I learned that I can’t blog naturally if I feel forced to do it.” Blogging is personal usually and if they are not allowed to pick and write what they want to write about, then blogging can be sometimes hard for some people; they can’t be themselves.


At the same time, some bloggers lie about what they are saying; we have to understand that not everything that bloggers are saying are true. Not everything on the Internet is true.
This leads to a problem that some of the bloggers face: payola. Payola is an act to promote a product. Some people/companies bribe with money, usually, to make bloggers say what they want them to say about their products. This is illegal in the U.S., yet it still happens today.

I thought that the author pointed out a very good point: “individual disgruntled customers can have a lot of power today through posting their complaints on their blog.” Because anyone can blog, anyone is allowed to blog about anything, even their feelings.
My mother often looks at people’s blogs to make a decision in buying some products. She looks at what they have said about them and the bloggers influence her to whether or not to get them. Companies have to be careful of what the customers have to say.

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Discussion Questions:
-Do you think there will be time when people do not do payola anymore?
-Is it right for businesses to jump in on the conversation bloggers are having about their products? Are we not allowed to say whatever we want to on the Internet?


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