Experience in the Digital World


Experience in the digital media are very important in how we contribute and gain our knowledge. “Experience Design” by Nathan Shedroff covered the fundamentals of the key ideas of what experience really is.

Shedroff started out his article by saying, “all experiences are important and that we can learn from them whether they are traditional, physical, or offline experiences; or whether they are digital, online, or other technological experiences.” I think any experience will help us learn something: “Knowledge = Experience.”

In addition, he also said, “what’s important is not the technology but the people served by it,” and I agree with him completely. Although technology plays a big role in our lives, people play an even bigger role smaller-crowd-rdc-color-mdbecause technology is suppose to help us and make our lives easier. Technology is nothing without people. However, many people are not aware of technology and they often ignore the importance of it because they are so caught up in what is going on on the “stage,” as Shedroff gave us an example of what is going on in the show.

Later on, Shedroff talked about creation: “one attribute that distinguishes us as humans in the ability to create things.” When people create something, such as a homemade card, then it is more valuable and more special. Even though what you made might not be as professional as the cards that are in the store, they mean more to others, and to you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it; the ability to create something is good enough.

“Participation is the key to many successful experiences,” and without participation, nothing happens; nothing starts. It is always good to try things no matter how hard an experience is because you’ll never know what will happen, what you will gain from the experience. Any experience is a lesson; at least do something.

The article ended with talking about storytelling: “storytelling is one of the oldest experiences and still one of the most powerful.” Like what I said about the Super Bowl commercials (third posts before this one),  storytelling captures our feelings and makes the audience look at a commercial, an experience in this case, with their perspectives. Storytelling is easier to understand, which I think is one of the reasons why they are powerful.


Overall, experiences are what make the world go around.

Albert Einstein once said, “the only source of knowledge is experience,” which sums up what Shedroff was talking about.


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Discussion Questions:
-Like what Shedroff said, interaction is important but how do we stop from people interacting online who are dangerous?
-Can experience fix everything?


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