Do You “Get It?” -What’s On Your Screen-


The author, Krug, is a usuability consultant and helps people out with their Web sites or apps. In “Don’t Make Me Think,” he talked about how to create a web site and how to structure it correctly.

He stated that first law of usability is “Don’t let me think!” A web should be self-explanatory  and the buttons should be obvious that they are clickable. No question mark should be in people’s heads when using a site: “They’ll “get it” without having to think about it.


In my opinion, sites like these are very helpful and easy to navigate. I’m not really a technology person; therefore, sites that are easy to understand make me really happy. In addition, I think everyone will appreciate these kinds of sites because people often just want to get to the point or get their tasks done as fast as possible. Krug also stated, “Making every page or screen self-evident is like having good lighting in a store: it just makes everything seem better.” Moreover, there are so many sites that are just hard to navigate, and these sites are annoying and irritating. For those sites I am likely to give up and try to find another source that will be easier unless I have to stay on the page.

makes_eat_timeIn chapter 2, Krug said, “One of the very few well-documented facts about Web use is that people tend to spend very little time reading most pages.” Many people, including myself, like to scan through a page so we won’t waste time. Therefore, clear visual points are very useful. For examples, sites with many headings make the contents easier to read/scan, bolder and big letters, and  headers also help.

Long passages with no visual or no color are very boring and often people click ‘Back.’ They try to find a better site that is more exciting and still get to the point. When creating a Web site, people should think of what other people would think about and not just care about the content itself, whether it’s true or not.

Making Web sites that do not make us think are the best sites.

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Discussion Questions:
-Why do you think people post things that are very boring visually? Do they not care about how they look?
-Is it possible for all of the sites to be self-explanatory?

For Class:

These sites offer a great experience:
-Media Site: Washington Post
-Brand site: Kate Spade
-Blog: Miho Tanaka’s Blog
-App: Yik Yak
-A site where you perform a specific task or function: Google Account


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