Understandable Web Content Makes Everyone Happy


Audience is your everything.

Janice Redish really got into details of how to create a web content that will be easy to navigate and makes web users happy in a reading called, “Writing Web Content That Works.”

He started out the reading by saying, “Understanding your audiences and what they need is critical to deciding what to write, how much to write, the vocabulary to use, and how to organize the content on your web site.” Basically, the more you know about the audience, the better your web site it will be. Like I said in the heading, your audience is everything. They are the most important material in creating a web site, and you need to really know them in able to write a good web content.

video_audienceYou should use words that are easy to understand. Not everyone might know the words you know. For everyone to understand what you are talking about, pick words that are understandable to the readers. Knowing how audience talks is also the key: “One of the most important parts of gathering info from your audience is understanding the words they use to describe what they want and need.” You can use those words in your web site and will be very helpful to you, and they will be more appealing to the audience. Double the plus!

words1In addition, don’t put too many words. First of all, it doesn’t look good if you have too many words because that can be overwhelming, and you are more like to lose your audience this way. I know I click ‘Back’ when I see too many words on a site when I am looking for something because it is also hard to skim through, and I know I am not the only one who does this. What you want to do is to get your points across because people just want to find what they are looking for right away.

Similarly, don’t put long paragraphs; get rid of them. No one will read them anyway if it’s too long. Short descriptions are the best. For me, short paragraphs make me want to read the content and is more appealing.

Overall, the I think the key terms in making a web content that will satisfy everyone are “clean and simple.” Clean web content makes easier to navigate the web site and simple web content will attract more web users because it will be easy to understand. Also, the web users will appreciate you more and will want to come back to your site. Just remember, not everyone is an expert on computers. (I definitely am not!)

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Discussion Questions:
-Do you think making a web site that is too simple will make it look like it’s not professional? Will it look childish?
-Should all the web sites have a comment section where audiences get to comment on the web site?


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