Goal: Successful Graphic Design


Everyone wants to have a perfect design when creating something such as posters or websites.
In the book called “The 7 Essentials of Graphic Design” by Allison Goodman, she talked about how to make that come true.

This post will only be on chapter 2, “Typography,” Chapter 3, “Contrast,” and chapter 4, “Layout.”

Chapter 2: Typography

Goodman described typography as “a fundamental building block of graphic design.” So basically the fonts of words that we use when creating a design. She went on details about how fonts were structured and compared different fonts. I was surprised of how much thinking people put in when creating a font such as spacing between letters. I usually pick a font that I like without thinking about how it became that way.


She also mentioned how each font has a personality. That really makes sense. If I think of it, I pick a font that matches with what I am writing about. Fonts do have personalities, and they help me set tones: “A designer should always consider, and take advantage of, the message a typeface naturally communicates.”

Chapter 3: Contrast

Goodman said, “the modulated use of scale, shape, texture and proportion to create contrast is a fundamental feature of successful designs.” Contrast can give us order and it is very helpful.

a715dc0aaab5cecb75bb42a43b6297bbIn addition, she started talking about colors and how they will get audience’s attention: “Working with color is an opportunity to add both visual interest and useful information to a design.” I agree with her that colors play a very important role on designs. I try to make this blog colorful to get people’s interest; maybe colors might be the most important thing. A good first impression depends on colors. However, we need to be careful not to overdo it because doing so will just be messy and can give an audience a headache.

Chapter 4: Layout

kc8nKozjiGoodman started out by saying, “a design’s layout is a map for the viewer.” I really like how she worded this. It really is true that layout is like a road. Layout needs to be easy to read.

She then said, “a successful layout is very clear and what information is most important and the order in which the viewer should access all the information within the design.” If the layout is complicated and we don’t even know where to begin, then people will more likely to stop looking at your design. You need to be clear and make it organized in order for people to like it.

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Discussion Questions:
-Sometimes people look at a design to observe how bad of a design it is. Is that still not a good thing even though it’s getting people’s attention?
-If a design is unique and shows the designer’s personality and originality, can it be bad?


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