Goal: Successful Graphic Design (Part 2)


The previous post was about how to create designs that would be successful. In this post, we will talk about the second part and finish up the book, “The 7 Essentials of Graphic Design,” by Allison Goodman from chapters 5, 6, and 7.

Chapter 5 was on “Grid Systems,” chapter 6 was on “Identity Design: Logo & Logotypes,” and chapter 7 was on “Critique & Analysis.”

Chapter 5: Grid System

4-column-landscape-grid-AGoodman talked about the importance of grids: “Grids are essential for creating visual consistency in projects that move across multiple pages, panels or screens.” With grids, projects can be organized and clear. Everything will look better and I think it is a necessity for people to start off with grids. With grids, one can visualize what the project will look like and visualization is also the key in having a successful graphic design.

Chapter 6: Identity Design: Logo & Logotypes

Logos. Logos tell an audience what the company is about in one symbol.

Goodman started out the chapter by saying, “A graphic identity is a symbolic idealization of a company, service or retail establishment.” Having an identification makes the company one unit.

Each logos have a meaning and one should create a design that should be easy to see and easy to tell what products the company sells: “Logos and logotypes either abstract, iconocize or combine visual elements to create an ideal, memorable and fast-reading graphic representation.” Goodman gave an example in the reading with the Nike logo. The swish sign represents a wing from a Greek goddess, Nike. Even a customer doesn’t know the goddess, one can feel that it’s speedy and a wing.


Then she stated, “An identity must look good and reproduce well whether it is printed large in multiple colors or small in black and white.” When creating a logo, one can’t make it too complicated and hard to see with lots of details. Simple yet, achieving the goal of identification is the best.

I think one should create a logo that one can be proud. In addition, for example, if I have a purse with a logo on it, I also want to be proud as well because everyone can see it. I believe to make customers confident, the company has to have confidence first and be proud of what they have created.

Chapter 7: Critique & Analysis

In order to be successful and to create a creative, original graphic design, one has to look around and observe what’s surrounding them. “Start analyzing the success (and failures) of the designs you see in the world around you,” said Goodman. By looking around, one can get some ideas in creating a design that everyone will like, that one can only create and make it special. Goodman called it, “design eye.”

eye 1

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Discussion Questions:
-Logos are everywhere now a day. How can one create a logo that will stand out?
-When using grids on a magazine or something, can one use a same grid format the entire time or should one change up?


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