Business Cards


For a project, we had to make our own business cards: one personal and one professional.

I didn’t think it would take this long to make them but it did, and this project was actually a challenge. Coming up with designs that would be appealing for both of them were difficult, and it took me forever to find good fonts.

Personal Business Card

Personal Business Card


Personal Business Card back


I chose to do this design and have a saxophone because I am a member of Paladin Regiment Marching Band in Furman University.

I really like the design because I think it looks really cool. I really like how the saxophone takes up the left side of the front page, and it looks like my name is coming out from the horn like musical notes.
I made the back simple because simple is always good. I added a treble clef to connect back to the saxophone.

I used two types of fonts in this design. Here are the fonts I used for each of the words:
-Name: Nueva Std Bold
-Furman University: College Regular (because it’s a college)
-Alto Saxophone: College Regular
-Paladin Regiment Marching Band: Constantia Italic
-Email Address: Constantia Italic

Professional Business Card

Professional Business Card


Professional Business Card back


My professional business card is on my part-time job, which is being a Japanese tutor. We could have made up an occupation but I wanted to do something that I really am doing instead of making something fake; plus, I love my job. I could use my bilingual skills to help people out and teach the people the beauty of the language and the culture.

On the front, I chose to put an American flag and a Japanese flag to represent that I teach Japanese to American people. I made the font of my name and the title of my occupation to look kind of like “Japanese.”

On the back, I listed some of my information and put a picture of a translation icon because that’s what I do: translate languages.

Again, I chose two fonts in this design. Here are the names of the fonts that I used:
-Name: SF Shai Fontai Extended Regular
-Occupation: SF Shai Fontai Extended Regular
-Furman University: Adobe Garamond Pro Italic
-Email Address: Adobe Garamond Pro Italic


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