Infographic: Internet Addiction


I made my first inforgraphic ever on Internet addiction.
So here it is:


With the creation of advanced technology, the number of internet addicts have increased. Internet addiction has been one of the major problems throughout the world and many people are victims of it. I decided to do my inforgraphic on this topic because I was interested in it and to let people realize how bad of a problem is.

The infographic has three categories, which I put them into question forms at the top as a sub header so the audience will quickly understand what kind of information is on the infographic.

I decided to put the numbers and important words in red since it contrasts well with the background color. I made them to pop out.

Overall, I am very happy with the finished product; it took me a very long time to come this far. What I had trouble was how I can represent statistics into visualization but I think it turned out very well. I can’t believe I made this. I didn’t know I could make something like this, especially because I am not really good with computers. I put so much effort into this project and my hard work paid off.

I hope everyone will like it also.


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