Video Project: FUPO in Action


For the video project, I decided to do it on FUPO, Furman University Campus Police.

The description that I posted on YouTube says:
“I made a video, FUPO in Action, for my digital communications class. I shadowed FUPO and went on a patrol with them to see what they do to keep our campus safe. In addition, I interviewed two officers and got to film one officer take some fingerprints off of a car. It turned out to be a very interesting video!
To FUPO, thank you for your great service and keeping us all safe!”

I really like my topic and FUPO were all nice people. Because of them I got to make a great video and it was very interesting to see what they do for our safety.
In addition, I got lucky to film an officer take some fingerprints because they said that it doesn’t happen often. Moreover, it was really cool that I got to watch the whole process because I have never seen an officer take some fingerprints until then. I am happy that I also get to share this with you.

For the songs, I decided to use songs from cops related TV shows.
The intro is from COPS, the second one is from CIS, and the ending roll is from Detective Conan.

For the intro, I tried to do what COPS does in their show.

Overall, I am very happy with how the video turned out.
I hope you enjoy it!


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