My Website


To close the digital communications class, I made a website with all of my work I did for this class and my past/present experiences. I also made a resume infographic.
Here is the link to the website:

I think my website turned out to be good because it’s organized and easy to tell where things are located.

When you first go to the website, it brings you to my home page. I like the template that I chose because it is visually appealing. I put three pictures as a slide show.

The next page is my about page. I put some description of who I am and what I do.

Another is my resume page. I created a resume inforgraphic for this page using Photoshop, and I made it to be black and white to match my website.

Then my portfolio page where you can find all the projects I did for this class, including a link to this blog.

For the galleries page, I put my past and present experiences to let people know what I did/do in general.

Last page is the contact page where people can contact me if they have any questions or comments.

Overall, I worked really hard for this website and the resume inforgraphic just like all of the blog posts and projects I have done for this class. It was time consuming but I enjoyed the class and really learned a lot. I didn’t know how to use Photoshop or Premier before I entered the class but now I do, and now I even have my own website and a blog!

Now, please go check out my website by clicking on the image below or by clicking the link from the beginning of this blog post.



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